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Sullivan and Strumpf Fine Art

Sullivan and Strumpf Fine Art
Established in 2004, Sullivan+Strumpf Fine Art presents the work of emerging and established Australian contemporary artists working at the forefront of contemporary art and culture.
Sullivan+Strumpf represents over twenty artists that include some of the most exciting and innovative practitioners in the national contemporary art scene. The gallery is both curatorially and critically engaged with the work of its represented artists and is committed to the creative and commercial development of their works.
Artists include:
Matthew Allen / Sydney Ball / Penny Byrne / Marc de Jong / eX de Medici / Juan Ford / Sam Leach / Joanna Lamb / Michael Lindeman / Dane Lovett / Alasdair Macintyre / Laith McGregor / VR Morrison / Simon Obarzanek / Alexander Seton / Kate Shaw / Darren Sylvester / Arlene TextaQueen / Darren Wardle.

799 Elizabeth Street, Sydney Suburbs, NSW, AU

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